Eddie is driven to distraction when driven by Ed; Joe loses his battle with the Planning Committee over the pole barn.

Radio Times: Joe and Lynda go to war.

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  • It’s the day of the Planning Committee meeting, and Joe is feeling distinctly negative about the outcome.
  • Because his paving slab delivery has been held up, Eddie offers to take Edward for a driving lesson, but it ends up in a major row between father and son, as well as a near-miss with Brian’s Range Rover.
  • George manages to fend off a visit from Lynda, who wants to see Chris about a Village Hall booking, but can’t conceal his feelings once she starts on about the message board and the failings of her fellow villagers. He tells her in no uncertain terms to stop moaning.
  • At the Planning meeting, Joe and Lynda have their say, in Lynda’s case a quotation from Prince Charles, and she gets her own back as she tells George what she thinks of the Parish Council.
  • Eddie tries to get Edward to tell him what’s wrong, and why he’s behaving so stupidly, but gets nowhere. Eddie thinks he’ll never pass his test as long as he continues to show off and behave so thoughtlessly.
  • Joe returns home in a dejected mood. The hearing was a travesty; the barn has got to come down.

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