David’s had enough: against Ruth’s advice, he shoots the badger that had raided the food store.

Radio Times: David takes some decisive action.

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  • Brian’s continuing fault-finding with Adam upsets Jenny to the point where she has to intervene. When Brian claims that Adam is less reliable than Debbie, she really loses her temper and tells him plainly that it all stems from Adam’s being gay. Brian flatly denies it.
  • A despondent Marjorie tells Roy that Rodway and Watson have already come up with a possible buyer for Nightingale Farm; a Mr Crawford!
  • David thinks it’s time to make his peace with Brian, following their differences over the harvest, and says they will renew the contract. Brian uses it as yet another opportunity to make unfavourable comparisons between Adam and Debbie.
  • When David gets back to Brookfield, he discovers Ruth trying to chase a badger out of the food store. For David it’s the final straw, and although Ruth tries to stop him, he shoots it.

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