Matt tries badgering Marjorie to do a quick house deal; David is discovered disposing of his dead badger.

Radio Times: Marjorie is faced with a tough decision.

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  • Daniel’s whingeing is brought to an abrupt end by Shula’s discovery that another horse has been attacked, this time in a loose box. She feels sure it’s a deliberate attack on her and her business.
  • At Brookfield, Ruth is still furious with David over the dead badger. How is he going to take it away and dispose of it without the children seeing? She’ll have to take them swimming so that he had get on with the disposal job.
  • Marjorie’s potential buyer for Nightingale Farm is indeed Matt Crawford. He wants to do business with her without Rodway and Watson’s intervention, but Roy insists on sitting in on the discussion. Matt offer £300K cash, £50K below the asking price. Roy suggests that she should ask Shula’s advice.
  • Ruth arrives at the stables to take Daniel swimming, so finds out about the horse. She accidentally lets it slip that David has shot a badger. Alistair is sympathetic and won’t give David away.
  • David’s efforts to dispose of the dead badger are interrupted by Matt Crawford, who quickly spots what David is up to.
  • Meanwhile Shula spots what Matt is up to, and suggests that Marjorie should play him at his own game. If Matt is seriously interested in the property, he’ll increase his offer.

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