Matt applies some pressure, trying to turn to his own advantage David’s killing of a badger.

Radio Times: Matt seizes an opportunity.

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  • At Home Farm, Peggy and Jennifer are preparing tea for the new Vicar. Jennifer is concerned about the way Peggy has taken the news about Adam, and confesses she’s glad Brian has gone to the Game Fair as the atmosphere at Home Farm is unbearable. To prove that it’s not a problem for her, Peggy’s decided to open four off-shore accounts, one for each of Jennifer’s children, just in case a widowed Brian should decide to leave his estate to Ruairidh.
  • Following his encounter with Matt, David is very jumpy, and even more so when Ruth confesses that she told Alistair.
  • Alan makes a hit with Jennifer and Peggy, and his daughter’s love of horses endears her immediately to Alice.
  • Following Jennifer’s revelation to Adam of Peggy’s financial offer, he rushes to thank her. Their old happy relationship is quickly restored.
  • As David, Ruth and the children enjoy a kick-around in the garden, Matt Crawford appears. A little bird has told him that the Parish Council might be objecting to Matt’s planning application … and shooting badgers isn’t exactly the sort of thing a Parish Councillor should be doing, is it?

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