Eddie knows, Jolene knows he knows. Sid doesn’t know. Although he wish he could see a way out.

Radio Times: Jolene receives two gentlemen callers.

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  • Sid’s putting out the rubbish … and calling Jolene to tell her that he’ll be late. Meanwhile Eddie is dropping Clarrie and Joe off. He suggests that it was a funny place to make a call, but Sid defends that he was receiving one. Eddie is barely civil and Sid digs about Edward’s recent behaviour.
  • Rather than go directly to the Cat to meet Baggy and Snatch, Eddie calls at Jolene’s. He lets her know that he knows, and that he doesn’t approve. The secret is probably safe, though – Clarrie doesn’t bear grudges and won’t spitefully tell Kathy. Jolene defends herself, saying that he might be married, but her and Sid’s love is a 2-way street, so that makes it alright? Eddie and her had a history (perhaps closing that book with the closing of the Cat) – and he’s warned her that the knowledge is out there.
  • Sid arrives (after Eddie’s left) and she doesn’t mention that visit. He’s full of Jamie and his “other” life and she’d rather he didn’t talk about it, but he’s being eaten away. His life can no longer be so easily split and the lies are not as easy as they were – he can’t leave Kathy and Jamie at Jolene’s door. She tries to use Kathy’s affair years ago as a means to have him not feel so guilty, but he’s not happy that he’s stepped over the line. He thinks she deserves more than he can give and he just can’t see a way out of the tangled web he’s woven.