Eddie resigns from the building site and then finds out about Sid and Jolene.

Radio Times: Ed is intent on privacy.

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  • Eddie bumps into Neil in Borchester. Neil’s on an errand, but Eddie should be in work but is getting a bacon buttie first. They catch up and Eddie, perhaps for the first time, sounds homesick for Ambridge.
  • They’re busy in the dairy, new flavours for the yoghurts and a small problem over pies – their existing butcher can’t help make them and the equipment needed would be too much for them to consider it. Clarrie’s not complaining, but she is worried about Joe – he’s like an old rose bush that shouldn’t have been transplanted.
  • Ruth’s enjoyed the morning off (and David likes her playing the little wife!) – she’s bought a couple of books on cancer, too. Neil, who’s fishing with Christopher nearby, reports some loose stock (through a hole that Phil pointed out to David yesterday) – and David’s a little saddened, although not surprised, when he doesn’t stick around to help.
  • Later, at home, Joe reports about their local pub that is far from feeling like a local, Eddie’s resigned from the building site and Edward’s still playing the awkward teenager. Eddie suggests that, with his evening off tomorrow, they take Joe to the Bull? Clarrie thinks it’s a good idea but says that going to work there isn’t fun any more. He digs a little and then Edward shows up to say what Clarrie was trying to avoid. We don’t hear Eddie’s reaction …