Ruth’s appointment does not go well.

Radio Times: Ruth returns.

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  • David’s trying to keep Ruth’s spirits up ahead of her followup appointment with Tim, even suggesting he meet her from the surgery – it might be suspicious in the middle of the day, but neither are concerned. Neither are they willing to tell even Phil why they’re heading off in the middle of the day.
  • The appointment with Tim doesn’t go well. The lump is still there and he’s unable to assuage her fears beyond referring her to a unit at Felpersham and her appointment there could take up to two weeks. David’s understanding and even suggests that she takes a few days to unwind with the kids over half term. She’s been looking on the web for information as to what might be going on and is understandably worried.
  • To help cover for her absence they enlist Phil’s help in getting Neil to put in a few hours. Phil’s been up to Hollertree to clear up and is a little down about the absent pigs. He visits Neil and, beyond being unavailable tomorrow because he’s going fishing with Christopher (and, rather pointedly, says that he can’t let him down), he’s happy to help (although Susan wasn’t particularly amused).