Lower Loxley’s grand opening goes very well.

Radio Times: Every cloud has a silver lining.

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  • The weather is looking dodgy for Lower Loxley’s Grand Opening. True to recent form Elizabeth whining about how unfair it all is and Julia, who had been holding it in, finds it all too much and an “I told you so” creates a little unrest. All the WI cakes arrives and Lizzie’s worried about what to do with them all if no-one turns up …
  • As the clouds lift, though, the crowds enjoy the attractions in spite of the weather. The café is a success (although Tracy struggles), Lord Netherborne lends a Bugatti and Julia and Titcombe give rides, Pip especially likes a steam-powered Carousel (chaperoned by Bert, with Ruth “unwell” at home).
  • All in all, a grand day out, Elizabeth and Nigel are very pleased.