William wins the Single Wicket Competition

Radio Times: New balls please.

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  • The day starts with the Rogation Sunday service at Brookfield and continues around the annual Single Wicket Competition.
  • William’s helping Sid and Robert prepare for the competition (he’s suddenly become really quite obsequious). The new balls are mislaid (later found, hidden by Edward, annoyed at Sid) and, strangely, only 6 old balls can be found. En route to William winning the trophy, Siobhán beats Tommy and Hayley beat Sid, Edward hits Emma for six sixes (albeit with Sid bowling her last ball and him putting her off calling her names related to the Strawberry Princess).
  • Roy’s worried about his work prospects with Phoebe in the frame, he’s looking to do more hours at Grey Gables, but makes Sid and Alistair’s day by announcing his return to Ambridge Cricket Club.
  • Edward’s off to the Cat (with Sid declaring him Persona Non Grata at the Bull). He’s not worried about his parents’ reactions and plans to hitch home.