Ruth’s still worried about the lump and the Grundys argue about ferrets and Edward.

Radio Times: David soft pedals.

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  • Jill’s preparing for the large bake-off – with Peggy, Christine and Betty helping too. So’s Clarrie, although she’s got issues at home to deal with too. Meanwhile David’s lugged a large mixer to the village hall from Grey Gables. Jill would like him to have a word with Phil about Lizzie – Phil wants to tell her to sort her opinions out, but Jill would rather he didn’t yet – she is still ill, after all. David has a word, but has other priorities at the moment (without telling Jill what they are).
  • Ruth’s trying to keep busy – just as her mother predicted she would – and is nervous ahead of her second appointment with Tim tomorrow. He said that the lump would erode with the ending of her period – only it hasn’t.
  • The Grundy household lurches from bad to worse. Clarrie (with Eddie’s support) tries to talk to Edward about his behaviour outside the Bull, threatening to ground him if he repeats it. He’s not interested in listening. Later, as Joe happily feeds the ferrets, Clarrie and Eddie row about them. Eddie’s not willing to give ground and Clarrie, conscious that they’re tenancy is at risk, wants them out. He storms off to the curry house to work, Edward stomps to his room, Joe’s seemingly oblivious and Clarrie’s sobbing over what used to be.