Daniel introduces the social worker to Mark and Jill has a busy few days’ cooking ahead of her.

Radio Times: Daniel says, “Meet my Daddy.”

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  • Frantic cleaning at Glebe Cottage (notwithstanding Daniel’s attempt to bring in a “bug house”!) – the visit of the social worker is the matter of some concern. They even negotiated Daniel taking them all out to see the stag beetles – who are to be found in a tree-stump in the graveyard next to Mark … Daniel was very laid back, explaining that’s where his other Daddy lived now. It seemed to go well.
  • Lizzie’s also frantic – phoning around, and failing to find, cake suppliers. Jill has a solution. The WI in full cake-baking effect. The village hall is, apparently, suitably certified. Which, presumably, is what Jill is, too, for offering!
  • Eddie gets a few visits, firstly from a grumpy Edward and then another visit from the council. A friendly one, but firm. No pets. Eddie’s just not interested though, while the subtlety of the ferrets not being pets will be lost on the council, Eddie’s just not interesting and tells the chap to sling his hook.