Clarrie’s struggling to be civil with Sid and Brian feels let down by Debbie’s interest in Grange Farm.

Radio Times: Eddie gives a flat refusal.

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  • Nigel’s at Home Farm to try to borrow some shearers for his own sheep – they’ll be too busy, but Debbie will try to come across later. Meanwhile, Brian’s far more concerned with her previous actions. Second (or third) hand, via Graham Ryder and Matt Crawford, he’s discovered that she and Simon are interested in Grange Farm. He’s sure that the estate will sell the house off and absorb the land into the rest of its portfolio and that she’s living in cloud cuckoo land to think anything else but she’s less sure.
  • Shula and Elizabeth meet by the duck pond – and things are still strained between them. Small talk about the Lower Loxley opening and the social worker’s adoption visit is hard work.
  • Sid, having had an earful from Brian about being hard-done-by over the Grundy backlash, gets a cold reception (if he’d only pay attention and notice) from Clarrie. He’s trying to tell her about Edward and his gang misbehaving again, but she’s not that interested. She does tell him that she’ll be busy on the evening of his birthday though.
  • Nigel’s helping Debbie with the shearing when Lizzie arrives with a major problem, apparently their cake supplier has let them down ahead of Monday’s opening and he’s needed immediately to help her and Liam arrange an alternative.