Ruth gets a little good news, but Joe gets another setback.

Radio Times: Ruth makes enquiries.

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  • Pat and Tony are in Bristol to look at a chiller for the new shop … only Pat’s not sure that they’ll be doing the right thing in stocking fresh meat, so there might not be call for it. She wants to call Helen, but Tommy wants to go ahead with it and isn’t amused by his mother’s prevarication – nor is she by his increasingly frustrated insistence.
  • Ruth calls her mum, who is full of chat about her dad her his latest garden improvement. Rather cack-handedly she introduces her Aunt Rachel into the conservation (who died, apparently, from an drink-induced overloaded liver) but her mum isn’t fooled and gets the truth out of her and allays her fears about family history at the very least.
  • Joe’s out walking again, wanting to be where no-one would bother him. Petty officialdom intrudes on their ferret keeping, they’ve had a visitor (who Joe wouldn’t let it) but he’s sure that he’ll be back …