Tim’s sure that Ruth has nothing to worry about and Julia’s hoist by her own petard.

Radio Times: Tim is reassuring.

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  • Ruth’s appointment with Tim solves nothing. He’s sure there’s nothing to worry about – lumps in the breast can just be a side-effect of it being a particular time in her cycle – and advocates her returning next week. She’s not enthusiastic about this, but he praises her for coming to be checked out and reassures her that he’s as certain as he can be at this stage that, with her not having any family history of breast cancer, there’s nothing to fear.
  • Sid and Kathy are playing cricket with Jamie, then he sees a little friend and wanders off, they’re left alone (which Kathy points out as a rarity) and he reveals his birthday plans … he apologises but claims to be going to a big dinner of the licenced victuallers, what can he do? She’s disappointed (for them and for Jamie’s sake) and Sid plays the hard-done-by. Kathy doesn’t push it.
  • Lower Loxley receives some deliveries. Julia’s generally dismissive of some of the “tat” they’ve ordered, but in the main it’s standard souvenir shop fare … until they unwrap the mugs, gifts from “Lower Locksley.” Now, she’s never one to say I-told-you-so but …. but Elizabeth then rings the supplier and speaks to someone who had rung Lower Loxley for verification only to speak to an elderly lady “in authority” who was too busy to be dealing with petty queries …
  • David tries to continue Tim’s reassurances but Ruth is nagged by Tim’s query about her family history. She’s not sure how her Great Aunt Rachel died – she’ll rung her mum to find out.