Sid spends some time with Jolene and not his DIY. Ruth’s nervous ahead of a doctor’s appointment.

Radio Times: Sid does a bit of DIY.

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  • Ruth and David are in the pub for a quiet drink before Sunday lunch, although Sid’s bonhomie falls on relatively stony ground. He and David discuss yesterday’s glorious defeat of the cricket team, but Ruth’s not even that chirpy. Sid wants a word with Clarrie, too – he’d seen Edward in a group of kids causing trouble outside the Bull last night, but she’s not that interested in listening to him. Kathy notices this and picks her up on it, defending Sid’s motives, but she’s still not that concerned.
  • Sid, meanwhile, under the excuse of going to a DIY store for some cupboard fixing bits, visits Jolene and rubs in sun cream while she soaks up some rays. She’s still trying to persuade him to spend his upcoming birthday with her. Later, he phones her from a callbox, promising to try and arrange to get himself free for that evening.
  • Kathy’s out walking with Jamie (Sid still hadn’t returned from his errands) and they’re watching the ewes and lambs in a Brookfield field. (Lambs, she explains, live with their mums, not their dads …) Ruth’s apprehensive ahead of an appointment with Tim tomorrow, but David is upbeat and hopeful that it will turn out to be non-serious.
  • Clarrie returns home to a bored Joe, chasing loose ferrets around the flat. Some neighbours called earlier to, rather nosily, remind them that pets are not allowed in that block of flats …