Joe’s gloom is not abating and Ruth’s is only starting.

Radio Times: A day of discoveries

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  • Once again we’re reminded of Lynda’s hayfever, yet spring cleaning seemed to be a good idea. Until all the dust it provoked …
  • Daniel discovers some rare stag beetles in the churchyard and Alistair is more pleased with this thought than of a prospective meeting with a social worked next week.
  • Joe is, again, in Ambridge and is as blue as normal. He and Phil chat (Joe’s at Brookfield to visit Baby Spice) and the loss of pigs isn’t filling Phil with the joys of spring, either. With their new life in the flat, these moroseful days are as good as it gets.
  • Ruth’s grumpiness continues and when David asked whether she’d rung the shearers (she hadn’t) she loses her rag again … and then dissolves into tears. Tearfully she explains why she’s been so wound up all week – she’s found in a lump in one of her breasts.