Clarrie almost tells Sid she knows and Joe is sailing away on a sea of boredom.

Radio Times: Joe is on his own.

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  • Joe’s decidedly listless – Clarrie has to repeat everything to get anything in return. He’s due to be going to the local church lunch club today – although he’s not sure.
  • Simon’s in the shop and full of the joys of spring (and newly married life). Kathy wanders in, espousing on the same topic and when he’s gone, Betty’s just not sure that she can cope with talking about marriage to her. Kathy leaves and Clarrie arrives and we learn that she did see Sid and Jolene together the other day.
  • Debbie failed to get a definite answer from Graham about Grange Farm – they got the Grundys out quick-smart, but the future takes more planning, it seems. Simon, having seen who much work would be required, is not convinced about the plan anyway.
  • Clarrie’s in the Bull and, sternly, starts ask Sid for a word, but Kathy interrupts. Quick thinking, she asks for an advance so as to go to the supermarket this afternoon, and is decidedly snappy to Sid. Kathy notices and wonders, not just why then, but whether that attitude could harm the customer relations. (Sid isn’t so concerned, with the Cat being sold, the local punters have nowhere else to go!)
  • Edward’s home after school and when his grandad (who went to the lunch club, but didn’t enjoy himself) tries to spend a few moments talking, the conversation dries up very quickly. Joe is not enjoying life couped up in the flat. Feeding the ferrets is the highlight of the afternoon.