Eddie manages to get Clarrie out of the way to Meadow Rise and Sid’s got Jamie for the week

Radio Times: Eddie sends Clarrie away

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  • Eddie and Joe discuss the buyers for the caravan over the compost. They’ve been round to take some measurements and are coming to pick it up on Friday. Clarrie arrives and is worried over a letter from the landlord who think the Grundys are subletting the Meadow Rise flat. Eddie reassures Clarrie somewhat and gets her to agree to stay at Meadow Rise for the week.
  • Meanwhile, Jennifer has asked Sid to provide punch for her evening of stories, Sid and Jolene agree to concentrate on Bonfire Night at the Bull.
  • Kathy arrives with Jamie and asks Sid not to hang around the pub with him. Sid’s really pleased to be seeing Jamie, but asks for more notice in future. Jolene moans at Sid after kathy’s gone – she’s getting very fed up about Kathy’s attitude towards her.
  • Usha meets Kathy in the shop and explains that she’s preparing for Diwali, and Kathy appologises for being short – Usha tells her to try not to be emotional.
  • Kathy meets Sid and Jamie, who have gone to feed the ducks, and tells Sid he’s to have Jamie for the rest of the week, he wonders how he’ll cope, but Kathy’s not really worried – he’ll just have to.

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