Tim’s leaning on Janet, while Jamie picks up a bump which causes Kathy to fly off the handle

Radio Times: A black eye causes trouble for Sid and Kathy

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  • Ruth and Usha are shopping for party clothes for Diwali. Ruth is getting worried about the farm – another cow has aborted, and she’s worried that they’ll see huge financial losses.
  • Janet and Tim are discussing Mrs. Bannerman and rural depression. Tim says that he’s looked at the Rural Stress Network webpage and has asked someone to come and talk to either just him and Janet, or a wider group.
  • Sid, Jolene and Jamie have spent the afternoon at Lower Loxley, and Jolene is explaining to Sid that she’s worried that Kathy will ruin her relationship with Jamie … at which point Jamie falls and hits his head, bruising himself nicely.
  • In the pub, Tim is complaining to Janet about how little of Siobh´n he sees, when Sid comes in and asks him to look at Jamie. Janet comforts Jolene, who’s been really worried while Tim assuress Sid that everything’s alright. Kathy arrives while Jamie’s still being cleaned, and Janet and Jolene both start to tell her when kathy snatches Jamie and announces that Sid isn’t going to be allowed to see Jamie any more if he can’t look after him properly. Jamie complains that they’re all shouting, and Janet tries to pour oil on troubled waters by pointing out that the most imortant thing is the good of Jamie.

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