Part-D’Oyly Carte, part-Lynda-AmDram, part-Whitehall Farce … and Usha’s being set up with Shiv’s friend …

Radio Times: Nanki Poo say no yum yum to Yum Yum

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  • Kirsty is worried because Tom is nervous at the start of a rehearsal. Lauren is late, which annoys Lynda, and when she does arrive Tom tries to avoid her.
  • Usha’s Diwali party is going well. Satya tells Ruth how much she admires her (lots) and thanks her for being good to Usha. Shiv arrives with a gorgeous friend, which provides flutterings in the breasts of those who want Usha to find a good man. Usha is getting on well with Shiv’s friend at her party, and, amidst Satya blatantly attempting to match-make, confides in Ruth that she’s agreed to go out to dinner with him.
  • Kirsty tells Tom to be careful with Fallon as she thinks Fallon has a big crush on Tom. Tom initially thinks Kirsty means Lauren, but on realising his mistake, thinks he can use the information.
  • Tom and Lauren rehearse their duet, Lynda telling Lauren not to overact in the kissing scene. Kirsty gets concerned, but Tom tells her not to worry. Lauren, Kirsty and Tom argue on how they’re getting home – Tom eventually takes Fallon home and Lauren and Kirsty exchange guarded comments about people flirting with other people’s boyfriends.

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