The Brookfield herd is found positive and Clarrie is delighted with Eddie’s subterfuge over their new home.

Radio Times: Clarrie is in for a big surprise

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  • David is absolutely hectic – and Ruth has been with the children to see the calves. Ruth’s really pleased that they like them, but David isn’t sure that having good stocksmen for offspring is going to do any good. Phil arrives and tells them the nad bnews – the test results for the cows are positive.
  • Joe and Eddie are concerned as the people who are buying the caravan haven’t turned up yet. Clarrie arrives – she hasn’t seen the caravan but is aware that Eddie’s up to something. They try to distract her with gossip about Tom and Fallon, but she announces that they’re all to move back to Meadow Rise.
  • Alistair has phoned Brookfield. He hasn’t come up with any solution for them, but Ruth’s being positive as he has suggested antibiotics. David and Phil are both extremely worried, and Phil is not far from despair. He apologises to Ruth later for getting things out of proportion.
  • The caravan buyers eventually turn up and pay the money. Clarrie arrives just as it’s being towed away and Joe’s moving everything to Keeper’s Cottage. She’s certain the caravan’s been repossessed and Eddie doesn’t explain, but lets her rant and suggests going for a walk. They come to Keeper’s Cottage and approach – Clarrie thinks some friends (unspecified) of Eddie’s have moved in but wants to leave them to unpack. When Eddie turns out to have a key, the penny still doesn’t drop but eventually he sweeps her off her feet and over the threshold, and Clarrie is suitably overjoyed to have a home again at last.

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