The Grundys settle into Keepers Cottage and Lynda fears an assault on her peace.

Radio Times: New arrivals at Keeper’s Cottage.

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  • The Grundy’s are rejoicing in the luxury of Sunday lunch together at their new home, Keeper’s Cottage. Edward in particular is pleased to have his own room again and is keen to move his belongings from Meadow Rise. William plans to retrieve some of the things they have left with various Ambridge folk. The neighbours, it appears, are townies who only come at weekends (but clearly not this weekend) so in practice their nearest neighbour is Lynda Snell, a revelation which gets a mixed reception.
  • At Brookfield, Lynda has called to see Phil about a Mikado issue but only Jill is at home. Jill explains the bad news they have had about the cows; normally Ruth would would have looked after matters bovine. Tomorrow Ruth is to have further chemotherapy and Usha will go with her. William brings the discussion to a close when he calls, bent on retrieving one item in particular.
  • Cleaning Meadow Rise is not Edward’s idea of fun but it has to be done today, so that the vacuum cleaner can go to Ambridge and notice can be given on the flat tomorrow. He is more interested in getting his stuff away and there seems to be rather a lot of it!
  • Lynda calls on her new neighbours with a present: a paeony for planting in the garden. She would be only too pleased to apply Feng Shui to determine where best to put it; certainly the garden needs a lot of attention. She and Robert hardly know the Newcombes, they heartily disapprove of weekenders, however her enthusiasm for having the Grundys as her neighbours becomes tempered by the discovery that Edward is currently the custodian of his friend’s drum kit and they have every intention of using it within range of her sensitive ears.
  • William returns and the object of his mission to Brookfield is clear; Tess is with him, her exile over, and the Grundys are truly complete. Ah, Lynda may cry.

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