Ruth’s penultimate dose of chemo and Lizzie’s sure she’s right about Brookfield (again)

Radio Times: Is David up to it?

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  • Usha takes Ruth to her penultimate chemotherapy session (although they almost don’t make it, what with the weather and the number of trees on the road). It goes well and Usha’s full of her impending date with Shiv’s friend …
  • Nigel’s practicing his reading of spooky tales (as was Pip) ahead of Jennifer’s storytelling evening tomorrow (although Pip was only preparing for a traditional halloween evening in, David was unsure of how Ruth would be feeling).
  • Bert, David and Phil are vaccinating the herd against leptospirosis. Lizzie arrives (she wants to ask Jill if she can have the twins when she goes into hospital on the 20th) and enquires as to the state of the herd. Naturally, David takes the enquiries personally (even though Lizzie was trying to be nice and even saying how much it highlights the amount they rely on Ruth). Phil, though, would prefer that she mind her own business and David has to leave lest he explode!
  • Later, Lizzie reports back to Nigel that she doesn’t think that the farm is coping well and is annoyed that her opinions seem to be getting ignored. She doesn’t think David can manage without help and, naturally, she’s the one with the answers and that something needs to be done – and quickly.