Elizabeth reveals her consultancy idea to Phil and Ruth fights on in the face of the chemo.

Radio Times: A spooky evening at Arkwright Hall.

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  • At the bungalow the kids are having a fun Hallowe’en, and although all seems well, David can see that Ruth’s chemo is catching up with her. She didn’t have a comfortable night and is putting a brave face on for the kids.
  • Nigel and Joe’s practice for the storytelling evening at Arkwright Hall pays off, their contributions go down a treat and a spooky evening is had by all. Jack plays compére with typically hammy lines and is dressed up for the occasion, although whether he’s Dracula or Batman was open to interpretation.
  • Lizzie tells of her ideas to Nigel and is adamant to him that Brookfield is dear to her and she’s not just thinking of the money. While that might have been her first thought now, it’s not her only thoughts now. When she speaks to Phil, his first reaction is “once a consultant, always a consultant”, but he knows that they’re struggling and Jill wonders whether he might actually think that Lizzie has a point. (Not that he would tell her in the current climate.)