Kathy waves a white (ish) flag and Edward lands Joe in it with Bert

Radio Times: Kathy relents – but only a little.

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  • Jamie’s been with his dad and is worn out, asleep on Sid’s lap as Kathy comes to collect him. She’s carrying a white(ish) flag with her. Both of them are feeling chastened by Janet’s outburst last week, but with Kathy it’s more than that – Jamie’s realised that they’re arguing over him and thinks it’s his fault. They neither want that, so agree (amicably) to a truce. Kathy’s adamant that the process will continue though, she’s not prepared for the decree absolut to be declared until the financial settlement is agreed.
  • Joe and Bert are still arguing about Joe’s story last night, Joe claims his ghostly tale of the strange demise of a local squire is true and a handed-down Grundy tale – with alleged proof that a forebear of his was a servant of the squire. Joe claims, though, that this proof is hidden away in a box in storage until Edward reminds him that those boxes have been unstored now they’ve got somewhere to live … Joe’s unamused and if Edward wants to practice with his band at the cottage he’s going to have to do some helping out to get back into the good books!
  • Jolene’s pleased that Sid and Kathy are being conciliatory over Jamie (she’s been through it with Fallon and her ex) and Sid’s concerned about the financials. He’s called an old publican friend of his who sold out to a chain, but is but right off the idea by the horror stories he hears. The Bull is the The Bull, not The Barrel and Ferret and, besides, he doesn’t want to have to answer to a corporate brand manager, so if he’s not selling out, he’ll just have to borrow the money.