As Tom’s two-timing starts to reach a crescendo, Joe is found out.

Radio Times: Ed is a little tinker.

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  • Tom and Lauren are saying their passionate goodbyes before his rehearsal (she’s not due tonight). She’s going out with her cousin tonight, who’s having his 21st party, a big affair, as Lower Loxley on Sunday. Tom’s obviously not paying a huge amount of attention (and, besides, is heading to the opening of the Bull’s upstairs bar) and, as he leaps out of the car when Kirsty appears, Lauren is shouting his invitation behind him.
  • As Edward’s band gives up practicing and heads into the village, a grateful Joe is setting about cleaning a pewter tankard he’s found … although when he presents it to Bert, he’s decidedly sceptical but eventually believes it’s genuine and buys Joe the pint he wagered. Only then Edward wanders in and twigs as to what Joe had been playing at earlier. He and Bert plot a revenge …
  • After the rehearsal Ed starts to really dig at that hole he’s fashioning so carefully. Kirsty’s going to The Bull opening, too and Ed’s clearly expected there. Only as everyone’s heading to the pub for a post-rehearsal drink, Lauren rolls up to confirm that Tom had heard her invite earlier. He hadn’t realised he was invited, but it was for Lauren and boyfriend … and as Lauren reels off the temptations at the party, Kirsty gets involved in the conversation and Tom manages to say “yes” to Lauren without piquing Kirsty’s curiousity. Lauren drives off and, despite it being November, Tom suggests that they walk the long route home ….
  • Joe and Bert have been hitting the bottle a bit and Joe starts to weave his merry, song-filled way home (passing quite close to Tom and Kirsty in the bushes). But as he stumbles along a ghostly, saucepan-banging sound strikes up – it’s Tom Briar, the squire, whose story Joe had told and which truth Bert doubted. Joe is decided shaken and, of course, denies the apparition as a figment of his imagination. Which is just want Bert wanted to hear as he and Ed reveal themselves to a still shocked Joe. They laugh it off though and set down the lane, singing their way along the lane.