Sid’s money problems mount up as Brookfield’s herd has another black day.

Radio Times: Phil bites the bullet.

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  • At the pub, Sid and Jolene are looking forward to the delivery of the jukebox and pool table, ahead of the grand upstairs opening on Sunday. Jolene’s especially pleased because Fallon seems keen on the project – she’s also keen on Tom (although it’s probably not reciprocated). Just another unfulfilled teenage passion, like Ed Grundy’s one for Fallon …
  • Just another disaster filled day at the Brookfield dairy: this time Neil failed to notice one of the cows was still on anti-biotics and the whole bulk tank is contaminated. The insurance will cover their losses, but Phil’s concern about David being able to cope without Ruth is growing daily. David is loathe to agree – but finds he must.
  • Sid’s happy mood is shot away after a visit to his bank and solicitor. He’s looking at paying maintainence and a lump sum to help her with accomodation – and the repayments on the £60,000 loan from the bank for someone of his age are just huge. He’s not happy, but Jolene’s sure that something will come up.
  • As the draws to an end, David’s having to do children-related chores and Phil’s shattered. Jill is not amused – he’s got to do something and while he’s not happy with it, Elizabeth’s idea of outside help is looking unavoidable.