As Sid and Jolene celebrate The Bull’s expansion, Tom spreads himself thinly enough to tempt Lauren away

Radio Times: Tom takes two-timing too far.

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  • The Bull’s new bar is opening tonight and Jolene’s determined that Sid should put to one side his money worries (although she thinks that his approaching Caroline is one idea to consider). He’s sure of one thing, though, that she’s been a breath of fresh air to The Bull, she’d prefer “we” to “me” though.
  • Kathy’s avoiding the occasion completely by stock-taking at Ambridge Organics, so Pat’s minding Jamie. Clarrie’s enjoying the evening, though – happy to be home in Ambridge again.
  • Later, as Mrs A babysits for Roy and Hayley (although he’s at work) the celebrations at the bull kick off … only Tom’s a little fretful around Kirsty and starts pleading a dodgy stomach, before ducking away. The others are impressed by the Bull’s rejuvenation and are looking forward to the entertainment. Meanwhile Tom’s caught by his mother changing in the van, and she knows where he’s off to …
  • … and at Lower Loxley, Lauren is not happy that he’s late as to her he pleads pig problems as she drags him off to dinner. Before too long, though, he’s back at The Bull (and has missed the band, claiming to be downstairs, nearer the toilets). Kirsty is worried about him, as he apologises and claims to be heading home. General comments about his odd behaviour ring in his ears as he disappears back to Lower Loxley only to find Lauren dancing (very closely) with someone called Martin …