Tony’s starting to think Kathy will never go and Brookfield agrees to find a consultant.

Radio Times: Brookfield needs some help.

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  • At Bridge Farm, while the business is going well, personal lives are a little bit of a strain. Tommy’s not happy with Lauren (although his parents are quite amused) and Tony’s finding Kathy’s continued presence problematic (not least not knowing what’s his to munch on from the fridge). Pat, though, has a good housewarming idea for the Grundys.
  • Sammy, Peggy’s cat is missing. And old. And it’s cold. Oh dear.
  • As Phil and David are overseeing a calving (good news, it’s a healthy heffer), Phil broaches the subject of getting in a consultant to see where they’re failing. David doesn’t take it well – and when Jill comes in to deliver some tea, he’s not amused to learn she knows about it. He’s sure that Ruth needs this slap in the face and that it will only spur her to rush back to work … only when he talks it over with her, she says it’s a great idea. She recognises that they’ve been struggling without her, so some advice is just what’s required. A humble David apologises to his parents and Phil will try to arrange an appointment for as soon as possible.