Sid plans to sell out to Caroline and an Ambridge Pirelli calendar is on the cards …

Radio Times: Jack makes a sad discovery.

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  • The collecting tin for the Grundys housewarming gift is doing the rounds of the village … although we never quite get to hear what Pat’s brilliant idea was. We hear en passant that the for sale sign has come down at Grange Farm.
  • Meanwhile Jack’s hunt for the missing Sammy is only partially successful. Sammy is found, but he is now an ex-Sammy, having wandered into the woods and curled up to sleep under a tree. Peggy is upset, but likes Jack’s idea that he be buried next to Captain.
  • Sid’s working through some numbers: he’s valued The Bull at about £300k and so, if he asks Caroline if she’d want to increase her share of the property from her current 30% to half, that 20% valuation would be exactly what he needs, with no help from the bank. He sets off to ring her …
  • Janet’s slipped down the steps in the bell tower and is being patched up by Tim. She’s going to struggle with her parish duties, but should be better before the hectic Christmas time. With Siobhán busy painting Mikado scnery, Tim invites Janet to the pub while he waits for his wife. While there, the Grundy collection tin spurs Janet into thinking about her own current project: the Borsetshire Rural Stressline, counselling for stressed farmers. Tim’s jokingly mentions the WI calendar that a (real) village produced last year. The idea goes down well, only with a twist … does Ambridge have 12 sons up to the task?