The consultant visits Brookfield to a mixed reception

Radio Times: David takes umbrage.

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  • Daniel’s been having problems again (as much to not less us forget?) but at the bungalow, David and Ruth are preparing for Alan the consultant to visit. Ruth has to stop David from going to help with the morning milking – after all, he doesn’t normally, so that wouldn’t be a representative picture of the farm.
  • As he’s taken round Alan asks plenty of questions and seems fairly clueful. He begins to think that the main problem with the herd might be nutritional (as well as disorganisation due to Ruth’s absence). She’s very happy to have had him around, he’s got a lot of material for his report – and tries to recruit her (again), but she wants to concentrate on the farm when she’s back to fighting strength.
  • David had been happy … until he found out that it was Elizabeth’s idea. He’d thought it was Phil’s plan and isn’t so pleased that his sister is continuing to meddle. Phil’s not pleased that she’s still stirring, but she’s not apologetic – she doesn’t want to see Brookfield fail. Phil explains to David, though, that it was the right decision and he was worried about how to ask David about it. Ruth, though, needs to apologies – she thinks getting Alan in was a stroke of genius.