Life is better for the Grundys but worse for Sid

Radio Times: Clarrie welcomes an old friend.

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  • Eddie and Joe are grumbling in the Bull about the works being put in place to Grange Farm – its an affront to their skills. Bert joins them to complain about the Brookfield consultant, another opportunity for Eddie to sell compost (or not).
  • Sid and Jolene are still concerned about the settlement and Caroline hasn’t responded. Jolene thinks its only a matter of time. Later, Sid returns from a meeting with his solicitor. Apparently Kathy won’t budge on the maintenance. She wants her income to be assessed as that of a part time shop assistant, not the teacher she was and could still be. Jolene thinks the only answer is to give her time.
  • Eddie nearly discovers Pat and Tony and the house warming surprise. But Eddie only wants to borrow more equipment – he claims he will do the maintenance in return.
  • Clarrie and Joe are enjoying a bonfire and the autumn weather. Eddie has brought the rest of their things from Grange Farm. They all agree that things are starting to look up … as the doorbell rings. (Which Clarrie gleefully answers – she’s still enjoying the novelty|) It’s Pat and Tony – they’ve brought back Jethro’s sideboard. It had been bought by Lynda at the auction. Everyone had chipped in – the village had wanted to welcome them home.

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