Marjorie and Peggy reminisce while Shula and Caroline think about the future of the Bull

Radio Times: Caroline hesitates.

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  • Marjorie sympathises with Peggy over the death of Sammy. She knows what it is to lose a pet.
  • Shula is preparing a horse for Nigel for when he has his first Hunt as “whipper in”. She and David talk about Elizabeth’s attitude. David still feels put out about the consultant and the way it was handled.
  • Marjorie and Peggy talk about the rota Janet needs to get to services. Its difficult for her when she has so much to do. Peggy is speaking at the Remembrance Service about her war memories and Marjorie gives her some tips, particularly focussing on making it relevant to those too young to remember.
  • Shula tells Caroline how Elizabeth still seems to be manoeuvring. Nigel says the House has had a good season – especially the café. Caroline tells Shula that she wants to discuss the £60,000 Sid wants her to put into the Bull. A big decision. Caroline is worried that if she invests in the Bull she will seem to be betraying Kathy. But Shula tells her that Kathy needs the security of the capital in case the Bull goes under. Jolene seems to be what the Bull needs but Sid has let things go in the past – its a risky decision.
  • Marjorie is trying to clear out some of the boxes removed from the converted flat, still trying to get rid of memories, photos and mementos of her honeymoon and times in Africa.

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