Caroline will play Sid’s game but to her own rules.

Radio Times: Caroline wants the lion’s share.

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  • On their way into church, Shula and Jill exchange views on the family feud. Elizabeth really did not need to tell David that the consultant was her idea, a revelation which he still has not passed on to Ruth. Maybe Elizabeth is so worried about her own forthcoming operation that she is concentrating on Brookfield’s problems instead. Anyway they are not telling her that the consultant is coming back this week.
  • Janet’s ankle is sufficiently recovered to allow her to drive again. She explains to Tim that her parishioners have been very kind, if a trifle over-punctual. He is on his way back home to read the Sunday paper in bed, hoping not to be called out, but he delays long enough to report that Roy has volunteered to pose for the calendar. He is confident they will get twelve, although Tim declares himself too scrawny.
  • Peggy had been asked to speak at the Remembrance day service at St Stephen’s; she talked about returning to London and seeing people who had lost those they loved in the bombing. Jack had similar experiences of Birmingham to recount. It all went down well and Janet expresses her thanks and the hope that Peggy will come again to St Stephen’s. We’ll see.
  • About one thing Peggy is sure, she could not replace her beloved Sammy so Shula’s cats will inherit a cupboard full of cat food.
  • Tim may not be keen himself on posing naked for the calendar but he has a go at persuading Sid, who at first thinks it is a wind up. Meanwhile Siobhán is being prevailed upon to try hunting; the local hunt has a new joint master, someone new to the area, apparently.
  • Caroline tells Sid that she is not certain she is doing the right thing but she will invest a further £60,000 in the Bull. However she insists on having a controlling share (51%) so that, as Sid puts it if he really screws up, she has the power to intervene; otherwise she would let him run it as he thinks fit. Of course, Sid had seen this as a way, perhaps the only way, for him to keep control of the Bull; it needs thinking about.

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