Usha’s hopes are high, Sid’s hopes are high and Ruth is working on David’s.

Radio Times: David blames himself.

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  • While Alistair is taking blood samples from the Brookfield cows for tests, he confides in David that Shula is worried about Elizabeth; she usually gives her sister the benefit of the doubt but has not quite worked out what she is up to.
  • Pip and Josh are looking forward to Daniel’s birthday party and have made him a birthday card with lots of glitter. Alistair did notice that David had some in his hair but didn’t mention it in case it was a fashion statement. Alistair has volunteered to organise the games at the party. Brave man!
  • Over lunch at The Bull, Usha tells Ruth that she has a date with the barrister who defended Tom; she fancied his socks off at the time but said nothing – that would have been unprofessional. He is gorgeous but Usha is trying not to get her hopes up; he might be deeply boring. Whatever will Satya say?
  • Jolene is full of admiration for Ruth and feels like counting her blessings; she and Sid have their health and they have each other. She is suspicious of Caroline’s motives in insisting on a controlling interest in the Bull; she feels that Caroline will not approve of the successful Bull Upstairs and will want to make changes to the food. Sid however is convinced that Caroline will keep her distance; she will just take a bit more of the profit than she has up to now. If Sid is convinced, that is good enough for Jolene.
  • Ruth has replenished their stock of glitter because Pip has plans to make an Anniversary card for Phil and Jill. But keeping glitter out of his hair is the least of David’s worries. So his wife needs to give him a talking to: everybody has had problems with silage this year, Brookfield has gone pear-shaped because she was ill not because of David’s shortcomings, getting the consultant in was a good move. The consultant was not, David reveals, his idea but Ruth insists it was the right thing to do, whoever’s idea it was, and that is all that matters.

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