Eddie plays hard to get but eventually agrees to lend a hand at Brookfield.

Radio Times: David’s over a barrel.

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  • Tom has solutions for two current problems. Kirsty is still feeling bad about the missing money at The Bull, so he will ask Sid to go easy on her, not that he has been difficult about it anyway. As for Helen’s cheese, he will be pleased to feed it to his pigs, for it is not fit to sell. However, Pat urges him to be more constructive when discussing the matter with Helen.
  • David finds Eddie deep in compost and somewhat reluctant to commit himself to lending a hand at Brookfield during Bert’s prolonged sick leave. Eddie is still smarting from not being trusted to handle Brookfield’s “precious” cows. He will think about it and will give his decision later in The Bull; a pint might help!
  • Hayley is planning a treat for her and Roy’s first anniversary – white water rafting. While Kathy is not sure about the activity, she is certainly envies Hayley in that she has someone to care about enough to arrange something special. Kathy’s latest outing was mostly populated with the usual weirdos and emotional wrecks.
  • Eddie has a response to David’s request: he will do two mornings per week, starting next week, and he wants the top rate for it. He is busy this week. Well, he has been thinking about it.
  • Kathy has called at Bridge Farm and relieves her frustration by moaning to Pat; what are friends for, if not to let off steam. She is upset about the expense which Jolene is running up for her wedding to Sid; this is money which Kathy feels should have been in her divorce settlement. However, all is not black: at the last singles dinner there was a rather attractive man and although she had little chance to talk to him then, she has a date next week.

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