Janet confides in Shula about her future with Tim and about the complication of Siobhán’s pregnancy.

Radio Times: Freda goes Cajun.

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  • Over church flower duty, Jennifer explains to Shula about Brian’s exhaustion, which she is treating with TLC. He is being so supportive over Lilian and her deal with Matt Crawford; people think he is a complete so-and-so but really he has his own morality (doesn’t he just!). There is a planning meeting this week and they are hopeful that the housing scheme will be scaled down to the point that Lilian will lose interest. When Janet arrives, Shula observes that she looks – different; they make a date for later in the day for Janet to explain why.
  • Jazzer is an early caller at The Bull but finds that Fallon is away visiting her dad. He is looking for work and quizzes Kirsty about working at The Bull. When the telephone calls Kirsty away, she takes her eye off the till.
  • Shula is not sorry to give up a family swim in favour of a walk with Janet by the river. Janet explains that she and Tim have now told each other how they really feel and it is wonderful. She also explains the complication: Siobhán is pregnant. The two of them share the fact that they both know who the father is. Shula already feels awful every time she sees Jennifer and the knowledge that she did something similar herself does not help.
  • Freda is trying out new recipes at The Bull in preparation for the wedding but they are not going well. Kirsty puts in a word for Jazzer, who allegedly has kitchen experience; Sid reckons it would be like Greg Turner getting a fox in to look after his pheasants!
  • Back from his swim, Shula brings Alistair up to date: Tim and Janet will be together once the divorce is through but Janet is still leaving. Alistair is shocked by news of Siobhán’s pregnancy but is quite clear about what to do if confronted by Jennifer, if and when she finds out – lie; Shula is not sure that she can do it.
  • Sid has cashed up at The Bull and is £10 short on Kirsty’s till. He will not take up her offer to take it out of her wages but urges her to be extra careful in future.

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