Brian takes to his bed; Lilian sells out to Matt Crawford; Janet sees the Bishop and urges Tim to go for an adultery divorce.

Radio Times: Love conquers all.

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  • Brian is still in bed, claiming to be knackered. Jenny is concerned, thinking he is heading for a exhaustion breakdown. Brian tries to brush her off, just wanting to be left alone. Debbie is also surprised to hear that Brian is still in bed. Jenny is convinced this Hungary thing is what is to blame.
  • Jenny’s investigations into Matt Crawfords development have revealed that Lilian owns a ransom strip, thus preventing the development. When she talks to Lilian on the phone however, it seems that she has already been speaking to Matt, and looks set to make a fortune.
  • Janet has gone to see the Bishop to seek advice on maintaining her career in the Church and being able still to see Tim. The Bishop does not dismiss her aspirations out of hand, but does strongly advise her to take every decision in this business very seriously, also implying that a future with Tim would not be possible in Ambridge.
  • Debbie has secured a 30 lamb a month deal for Hassett Hills. Brian is full of praise for her, and also totally supportive of Jenny in her bid to persuade Lilian to scupper Matt’s housing development.
  • Tim and Janet are together (his place or hers?) and in a passionate embrace. Following her meeting with the Bishop, Janet is now convinced that Tim must sue Siobhán for divorce on the grounds of adultery, as a way of distancing himself from association with the baby, thus paving the way for them (Tim and Janet) to be more open more quickly. Whatever the situation with Siobhán however, neither of them have any second thoughts about each other.

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