Janet and Tim finally talk properly – and more besides!; Jazzer has an amazing trip which Ed wants also to try.

Radio Times: Jazzer plays a dangerous game.

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  • Tim has called in on Janet, where he angrily tells her about Brian’s visit to the surgery. He fills her in on the details including Siobhán’s pregnancy. Janet is incredibly sympathetic. Tim is very resistant to being part of Brian and Siobhán’s cover up, though Janet tries to persuade him that exposing it may not be the best course of action. Janet finally drops her guard and her sympathy leads to lots of fond embracing and kissing. They discuss the overall situation, including how best to handle the divorce, and what now appears to be their own relationship – whatever happens, at least they now have each other.
  • Ed, Fallon and Jazzer are getting stoned. Jazzer seems particularly out of it, having taken some ‘K’. Jazzer completely passes out before going into convulsions and being sick. Fallon is extremely worried although Ed sees her as a killjoy. When Jazzer comes round he descibes his trip as the most amazing experience he has ever had. Fallon leaves, disgusted – but Ed seems very keen to get hold of some ‘K’ and have the experience himself!

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