David stabs a cow and saves its life; Brian confronts an angry Tim; an upset Tim calls on an accomodating Janet.

Radio Times: Pistols at dusk.

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  • Ruth and Ben are visiting David who’s getting the cows in. The christening is booked as part of the normal Sunday service. Bad news on the labour front – Neil is to busy to help out with the milking, Bert is still ill so the milking is all down to David. They spot a sickly cow. After some time things don’t seem to be any better, and in the absence of an available vet, David ends up sticking a kitchen knife into the cow’s stomach to release the gas. David the hero strikes again.
  • Brian has gone round to see Siobhán to apologise about his reaction to her speaking to Elizabeth. When he learns that Tim knows about the baby he is taken aback. Later, he calls in on Tim as the surgery is finishing. Brian tries to persuade Tim to keep a lid on the affair and the pregnancy – not for his (Brian’s) sake but for Jenny’s. Tim is outraged both at Brians nerve and the fact that he wants to drag Tim into his seedy covert dealings. After much pleading from Brian, Tim angrily orders him from his surgery.
  • Siobhán ring Brian and learns of Brian’s confrontation with Tim. Brian tries to play it cool, suggesting that Tim will think about things and realise that keeping quiet is the best thing. Siobhán is not so sure – if anything she thinks he may have made things worse.
  • A distraught Tim bangs on the vicarage door desperate for Janet to answer it. When she finally does he breaks down in tears and begs her to let him in. Janet, similarly distressed does so…..

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