Helen performs well on the shooting range; Caroline takes Oliver to the hairdressers; Siobhán tells Tim she’s pregnant with Brian’s baby.

Radio Times: Tim suspects.

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  • Morning sickness is in full swing for Siobhán when Tim rings to put back their ‘meeting’ by an hour. He can tell that she is not quite right although she claims nothing is wrong.
  • Its a magical mystery tour for Helen as she quizzes Greg about his plans for her birthday; he is giving nothing away however. They talk about Williams progress, and what a contrast there is between him and Ed (Greg has noticed the old shepherds hut is being used by ‘somebody’). The destination turns out to be a clay pigeon shooting range. Helen is rather a good shot and really enjoys herself.
  • Caroline has dragged a nervous Oliver to the hairdressers. His apprehension though, turns out to be unfounded as the results are very pleasing, both to him and Caroline. At lunch afterwards, even the waitress comments on how much younger Oliver is looking. Success all round!
  • The much anticipated meeting between Tim and Siobhán takes place. He starts off talking about doing things in a civilised manner – straightforward no-fault divorce. However, her reluctance to drink the coffee he bought makes him guess she’s pregnant. Eventually she admits that yes she is and no the baby is not his. Civilisation out of the window, Tim leaves in an upset fury.

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