Lynda heps Clarrie make butter from Baby Spice’s milk; Jennifer is disparaging about Siobhán’s morality.

Radio Times: Lynda’s got butter-fingers.

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  • Lynda is milking Baby Spice when Phil arrives. Jill has had a bad night (no doubt worrying about Kenton). Eddie turns up, explaining that Joe is rather ‘fragile’! Lynda’s efforts certainly seem more successful than the last attempt. Eddie offers her the milk as a thank you.
  • Phil goes to see Shula at the stables. They talk about Kenton’s situation, though Shula had no idea before now. Phil is not sure when Kenton will arrive and where he will stay. Shula is quite happy to have him stay with her.
  • Clarrie is furious with Eddie for yesterdays drinking session. Eddie tries to wriggle out of Clarrie’s wrath but she’s having none of it. Lynda arrives with the old Grange Farm butter churn and the suggestion that Clarrie turn the excess milk into butter! A lot of effort later, amidst talk of Eddies and Ed’s drinking habits, and Robert’s daughters forgetfulness of his birthday, the butter is ready – and fine butter at that.
  • Jill and Lynda discuss Kenton’s plight. It would seem that Elizabeth has been talking to Kenton and he has decided to stay at Lower Loxley. When Jennifer arrives, in the middle of talk of Tim and Siobhán’s situation, she has no kind words to say about Siobhán, portraying her as nothing short of a brazen hussey! (Little does she know…..). Shula is notably silent, and when Jill leaves, is rather hesitant in her conversation.
  • Jill is very upset at what is happening to Kenton. Phil tries to comfort her in his philosophical way, but she cannot see it as anything other than so unfair.

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