Joe and Eddie get drunk on Grange Farm cider; Kenton rings to say Mel has left him, and he wants to come home.

Radio Times: Trouble abroad.

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  • Joe is berating Eddie for getting drunk with Ed and being hungover. Eddie, as upbeat as usual is enthusing about the prospects of cash rolling in from the compost, boot sales and ferret racing business. Joe suddenly stops – he is sure he has heard the first cuckoo of the year which can only mean one thing – time to tap the Grange Farm cider!!
  • Brian is back from Hungary and is paying David a visit as he had heard that he had not been too well. Ruth arrives with coffe and joins in with the general banter. When Brian leaves Ruth suggests asking Tim to be Godparent to Ben, along with Elizabeth and Alastair.
  • The cider is tapped and Joe and Eddie are well on their way to being merrily drunk. Eddie reminds Joe about having to milk Baby Spice, but they decide to leave it to William, and have a snooze instead!
  • Jill has made Ruth a cup of tea at Brookfield as she feeds Ben. They talk about Bert’s shingles, still no better by all accounts. Jill offers to do the food for the christening which David and Ruth gratefully accept. Kenton rings to speak to Jill. Tearfully he tells Jill that Mel has left him and taken their daughter with her. He seems to think the split is final, and would like to come home for a while to give himself some space to think.

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