Eddie puts the church’s fiver on a horse.

Radio Times: Ed’s talents come to the fore.

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  • Clarrie is busy baking for the church window fund-raising effort. Eddie has plans of his own but is keeping them close to his chest.
  • Alice calls at The Lodge to collect unwanted items for a stall that she and Amy are running, also to raise money for the church window. Jack is startled and confused but when it is explained why Alice is taking the things, all is well. Alice does not rush away but encourages Jack to tell her all about the items.
  • At Grange Farm, Joe sees that Ed has made a start on filling the potholes. They both notice that one of the cows is limping and Ed plans to look at her foot in the milking bale; it could be a stone or foul in the foot.
  • Jack can talk for hours when remembering the past. He calls Alice “Alex” but she doesn’t mind.
  • It is foul in the foot. Oliver has anti-biotics and Ed resolves to learn how to administer them himself.
  • Joe is full of praise for the way Ed handled the cow. Eddie is pleased to see him knuckling down, though Clarrie fears he is working too hard; he has a long way to go before he is better. Eddie reveals his money-making scheme: he has bet the £5 on a horse. Clarrie is appalled. Alan said use your talents, and Eddie has (allegedly) a talent for spotting a winner, though he can’t remember when he last backed one. The odds are rather long but he has inside information and that cannot be ignored, can it?

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