Ruth voices her feelings about David’s behaviour.

Radio Times: Nigel pays the price of folly.

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  • There’s another problem at Brookfield: somebody has damaged a fence and it needs urgent repairs. David is not in a good mood. So when Sam attempts to discuss something with him, he gets short shrift.
  • Poor Nigel! He is suffering for his folly: he thinks it is turning to flu. Lizzie thinks he is an idiot – but acknowledges a lovely gesture.
  • Back at Brookfield, David has little sympathy for Nigel and his mood blackens further when he cannot find some penetrating oil – which Ruth is curtly told she must have shifted! Sam wants to repeat the clover survey to see if there is a change; David agrees it should be done but is not prepared to consider when. Ruth has to apologise for David’s manner and offers to help Sam herself later in the week. Sam is more than happy with this offer.
  • Later Ruth challenges David about his rudeness to Sam, also about giving his mum so little time on her birthday because he has accepted Sophie’s invitation to the plaque unveiling on Tuesday; Ruth didn’t get any say in the matter. She was disappointed not to go to the sausage evening but observes that David was rested enough to go to the grape harvest next day – with Sophie. Just for once she would like them to do something together – not in a crowd, just the two of them. She does not want to back out of Tuesday but wishes he hadn’t agreed to it in the first place. David accepts the criticism with bad grace.

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