Alice’s party takes an unexpected turn. Nigel makes a romantic gesture.

Radio Times: Alice learns that there are some things money can’t buy.

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  • It’s the day of Alice’s party, and after spending the afternoon with family and her parents’ smart friends, plus being photographed for Borchester Life, Alice is set to enjoy the party for her own friends.
  • Nigel’s anniversary surprise for Lizzie is certainly that. Dressed as Mr Darcy, he plunges into the freezing lake and declares his undying love, not for Lizzie Bennet, but for Lizzie Pargetter. Once she realises what he’s doing, Lizzie is quite overcome, especially when Nigel gives her a lovely bound volume of Pride and Prejudice.
  • India Beeseborough sets out to make sure that Carly doesn’t enjoy the party. After a series of bitchy remarks about the stretch limo in which Carly arrives, her choice of dress and how Christopher Carter is seriously interested in her rather than Carly, a chocolate fight breaks out between the two girls, and it quickly develops into a full-scale wresting match, cheered on by the other guests.
  • Helen is delighted when Ross asks her out again, though Kirsty makes some veiled remarks about not rushing into a relationship. Kirsty gives Helen a lift to Alice’s party, which Helen is none too keen on attending.
  • When the fight is eventually stopped, and India’s very expensive dress ruined, Carly finds that Christopher has gone off with another of Alice’s rich friends, Venetia. Helen makes a rapid exit, and finds Kirsty at the Bull to tell her about it. Rather wistfully, Kirsty comments that Brenda must be Tom’s ideal woman, and adds that she’s not staying at Sam’s so often now. She thinks their relationship needs some space. But she doesn’t sound altogether convinced.

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