David enjoys the grape harvest a lot more than Ruth does.

Radio Times: Ed has a case of the birthday blues.

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  • It’s Ed’s birthday and he is bent on burying himself in his work; he does not want to dwell on last year’s celebration. Joe is up early enough to extract a promise that he will come home at dinner-time to open cards and presents: his mum would like that.
  • Once the dew is off the grapes, the first Lower Loxley grape harvest can begin. Ruth joins David for the occasion but Sophie is hot on her heels. David is full of compliments for Sophie; Ruth on the other hand is pointedly surprised she is not with her mother today.
  • Apart from tasting a grape, David is enjoying every minute of the harvest – with Sophie. He is pleased to learn that she will be around for quite a while. She has another favour to ask: there will be a ceremony on Tuesday to unveil a plaque to her father and, as it promises to be an emotional evening, she would appreciate a friendly face.
  • Meanwhile Nigel is discussing the design of wine labels with Ruth, who is not really listening but nevertheless helps Nigel to make up his mind. He also seeks from her ideas for a gesture to Lizzie (who is wonderful) on their wedding anniversary. When David joins them it is to check that they hadn’t any other plans for Tuesday, had they?
  • Jazzer has been so successful at signing up new milk customers that they plan to split the round and deliver on alternate days. (So much for really fresh local milk!)
  • Back at the grape harvest, Nigel’s day is made by an unwitting reference to Jane Austen. He has an idea.

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