Eddie’s efforts as a peacemaker come to naught.

Radio Times: Will’s paranoia comes to the fore.

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  • With no warning, Brookfield’s water is cut off for emergency repairs to a pipe. That means David will have to drop everything and borrow Tom’s bowser to keep his thirsty cows satisfied.
  • Eddie tries to talk to William about last night’s incident in The Bull. Will insists it was all down to Ed winding him up and is not at all receptive to Eddie’s suggestion that it takes two – or that he should talk it over with Ed.
  • Phil tells Jill that he was not very enamoured with the star party he went to – too much interest in the latest gadgets by people Pip would doubtless call anoraks. Though it was worthwhile because he had an offer for his old refracting telescope. They have an unfortunate encounter with Will when they stop to look at a bird that Phil thought might be a Red Kite but isn’t.
  • David is not best pleased to find that the water has been back on for half an hour; Ruth couldn’t phone him because his mobile’s battery is flat.
  • Emerging from the village shop, Clarrie is incandescent: Derek Fletcher had asked about the fight between William and Ed, just to stir things. He also made remarks about William being accused of poisoning a Red Kite.
  • Clarrie is disappointed to hear that William cannot be persuaded to make things up with Ed. She had thought they were at least starting to be civil to one another; now, it seems, they are right back where they started.

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