Shula slips up and Ross has the essence of his story.

Radio Times: Ross strikes gold with Shula.

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  • Phoebe’s two grandfathers have little else in common, although with Tom and Brenda heading soon for No. 1 The Green, Brian makes the comment that it has been useful having Tom on the spot in a crisis; does he really not understand that is why they are moving? Mike has an idea to increase the usage of the Millennium Wood – a picnic area. Brian likes it and will put it to Jenny.
  • As Shula exercises her horses via Brookfield, she has a warning for Ruth: a reporter is sniffing about. He rang The Stables but Alistair told him to get lost. Pat arrives desperate to talk about Matt’s involvement in the bio-digester project; Ruth admits that Borchester Land have a minority interest but then finds an excuse to dash.
  • Ross the reporter finds Mike at work but gets nothing from him: he is not a church-goer and thinks that both Alan and Usha are nice people. At least he is able to direct Ross to his next target – The Stables.
  • Persistence pays: Pat tries talking to Brian and he lets slip that Borchester Land have a third share – approximately. Even that is too much for Pat, so she is going to be really disappointed when she learns what the share actually is. But Brian must dash: Mike has arrived and he has something important to discuss. Jenny approves of his idea: if Mike can find the labour, the Aldridges will provide picnic tables.
  • Shula’s initial reaction is to add nothing to what Alistair told him yesterday but Ross is persistent: he needs all shades of opinion. So Shula assures him that there has never been a problem with the congregation or the PCC and Shula herself supports the couple. Then an off the cuff remark triggers an off the cuff response and Shula finds that she has admitted there was a letter, anonymous and it’s all in the past. Ross’s persistence has paid off and Shula knows she is an idiot.

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