Eddie’s fixing up the caravan, Neil’s helping with the cider-making ideas and Jill is appaled at the prospect of David leaving.

Radio Times: Has Ruth been thinking the unthinkable?

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  • All the apples are picked and now what? Joe can’t find the old hessian sacks they used to use for straining the juice from the pulp and Neil (suddenly the fount of cider-making knowledge) suggests horse hair. Bert thinks there might be some suitable sacks at Brookfield … and there are, only they’ve not been used for much recently and they’re a bit whiffy …
  • While Clarrie’s away (well, in Borchester keeping an eye on Ed) Eddie’s doing up the caravan. With lots of stuff he borrows from Neil … not to mention being able to store even more compost!
  • Jill and David agree that last Sunday’s family conference was abysmal and David lets slip the ideas that are percolating through Ruth’s mind. While the conference was bad, Jill thinks that the prospect of them leaving altogether is much worse.